Professional Cleaning Service Providers

Our Clients depend on our Qualified and “Certified” Commercial Cleaning Services!

The National Association of Certified Building Contractors (NACBC) is a Vendor for Selecting the Right “Certified” Commercial Cleaning Company for our Clients.   Through a pool of Certified Business Owners our Prospective Clients of Commercial Facilities, Construction Sites, Medical Facilities, along with many other industry types will have the prospect to select from the most qualified team of janitorial providers, and facility or building managers to provide commercial cleaning services for their facility needs. In giving our Client’s “Class A” services, the scope of work for each facility is the first line of defense as a general guide for providing a Consistent Janitorial and Building Management Effort.  Our Clients are not required to pay any fees for our Vendor and Commercial Cleaning Referral Services. Simply put, there are “No Referral” required.


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A Variety of Client Services Provided

Our “Certified” Janitorial Companies will provide Professional “Class A” Commercial Cleaning Services for Clients of many areas as determined by the scope of work for each Client’s unique facility requirements. Our Client Services include providing general cleaning, general floor care, “turn-key”, carpet cleaning, buffing, stripping and waxing, detail cleaning, project work, specialty cleaning, window cleaning, emergency, short and long-term, inspection, and facility management services, as well as many other varied services as requested.

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General Cleaning Services

This general service includes general cleaning of areas to include high and low dusting, spot cleaning door knobs and spots on walls, sweeping and mopping, wiping down countertops, table-tops, cleaning and polishing restrooms, water fountains, and all stainless steel areas. Cleaning receptionist glass, entrance ways and mirrors, policing entrance and exit ways, hallways, stairwell landings, offices, break rooms, locker rooms, and conference rooms, removal and replacement of trash liners in waste cans, restocking paper products, bath tissue, toilet seat liners, and soap products; dust fire extinguisher inside and out as needed, daily wipe and polish all sink areas. Other General Areas as deemed essential and determined within the scope of work for each facility. · General Floor Care Services This general service includes sweeping and mopping behind door corners, underneath lockers, on all hardwood and tile surfaces, behind and underneath chairs, machines, and other moveable furniture or fixtures; stairwell landings, policing storage rooms, back rooms, front entrance and exit ways, hallways, offices, break rooms, conference rooms, and all other tiled or hardwood floor surfaces.

Turn-key Services

This unique service combines general cleaning on a regular basis as deemed necessary by the Client and floor care services “turn-key” around the clock or on an as needed basis. Turn-key services provide the normal general cleaning services as scheduled, and carpet cleaning and buffing services provided as needed to maintain a consistent janitorial effort.

Carpet Cleaning Services

This extensive service provides shampooing of carpets, spot cleaning, removal of dirt, debris, gum, hard water stains, and rejuvenate the life of the carpet and its fibers through an effective extraction and carpet freshening cleaning procedure. The carpet cleaning services may be scheduled as needed or included within the scope of work on a “turn-key” basis for an additional service charge.

Buffing, Stripping & Waxing Services

The buffing, stripping and waxing services for VCT Tile floors is for the removal of stains, wax buildup, scuff marks, and other surface flaws. This essential service requires a consistent janitorial floor care effort on a routine and scheduled basis as determined monthly, quarterly, and or annually, by the size of the facility and as a result from the level of scope of work.

Detail Cleaning Services

The detailed cleaning services may be required or requested pertaining to the level of scope of work required in bringing the facility back up to par, and in order to maintain a consistent janitorial cleaning effort. Specific detailed cleaning services are rendered to construction site facilities and any site requirements are adhered to for ensuring all safety precautions are met.

Project Work

The services provided for project work may vary according to each Client facility needs. Project work may require cleaning trash cans, baseboards, blinds, walls, ceiling fans, moving equipment for policing areas, and various other detailed cleaning jobs.

Specialty Cleaning Services

The specialty services provided may vary according to each Client facility needs. Specialty services may require performing any specialized area of cleaning, pressure washing, impact cleaning, and any services outside the normal scope of work.

Window Cleaning Services

This unique service provides window cleaning inside and outside of internal and external facility windows. It provides dusting and cleaning of window sills, and polishing to a clear streak-free shine.

Emergency Services

Emergency services may entail unclogging toilets, removal of accidental spills, stains and blood pathogens, or other urgent matters as deemed needed by the Client.

Short-term & Long-term Services

Temporary Services will be provided during a Client’s transitional periods on a short-term or long-term basis. Short-term and or long-term contracts will be granted as deemed necessary by the Client or by the contractual agreement decided upon and between all parties involved.

Inspection Services

During the first three months of the initial commercial cleaning services NACBC will provide random on-site inspections. As per the Client’s approval and availability, NACBC will ensure that the “Certified” selected Commercial Cleaning Company is fully providing a consistent Professional “Class A” janitorial effort and meeting the customer expectations for their facility needs. The “Certified” Commercial Cleaning Company qualified through the Contract Placement Program requirements are trained to follow through on inspecting the facility behind their workers as part of providing Essential and Effective Building Management.

Facility Management Services

The “Certified” Commercial Cleaning Company for the purpose of managing the facility from a “Total Client Satisfaction” commercial cleaning effort provides the facility or building management services. This service is designed to provide a building manager, which ensures that the facility is serviced, cleaned and maintained on a consistent Professional Cleaned basis! The facility or building manager will ensure that there is enough building coverage of workers or teams, professionally and safe operations of functioning equipment and machinery, as well as adequate cleaning supplies in stock. The facility or building manager will ensure that the building safety standards are upheld, with alarm codes: that the building keys are not distributed outside the context of the cleaning responsible parties, chemicals are properly stored safely, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and proper labels are visibly shown on all cleaning substances, employee safety is adhered to, and that all facility cleaning needs are provided on a “Class A” and consistent basis.