Privacy Policy

The National Association of Certified Building Contractors (NACBC) provides Excellent “Customer Focus” while practicing Exceptional Business Ethics. We guarantee the right to privacy for our Clients, Online Customers, Vendors, and our Preferred and Executive Certified Participants, as well as serve a Practice of Confidentiality in all of our business endeavors. We reserve the right to uphold our privacy policy in each of our programs, along with our extensive products and services offered to our many stakeholders.

Shipping & Returns

NACBC reserve the right to refuse any opened and returned software purchase. Our Licensed Software Product may be returned for damages during shipment, or malfunctioning causing operating problems. All Licensed commercial cleaning software products require a product key to load and may not be accepted for return if the product key has been previously issued, otherwise pertaining to malfunctioning and operating issues: however, a new product key will not be generated and the replacement of a Licensed software product will be re-issued for the same computer number as listed on file from the initial call to request a product key. All non-licensed software products returned for malfunctioning or other operating concerns will be replaced with the exact product based upon approval and a $15.00 restocking fee may apply. There are no monetary refunds given for software product returns, and the damaged item must be returned to our warehouse in order to receive a replacement of the same item. Shipping Charges or Restocking Fees will vary based on the circumstance of the returned item.

Seminar Schedule

Watch for NACBC Upcoming Seminars and Training Workshops Coming to your Area Soon!  NACBC Seminars and Trainings are designed to provide Excellent Industry Information to help you Start or Expand your Commercial Cleaning Business. Our Specialized areas of Industry Knowledge and Tips are for the benefit of helping you succeed in your commercial cleaning business endeavors. Get more information on our Seminars and Training.

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NACBC welcome you to come and be a part of our Exciting Programs and take part in our Exclusive Services. We offer many unique Program Services for helping you to grow and succeed in your Commercial Cleaning Business! Get more information on our Service Packages, Certification and Contract Placement Programs.

Terms of Use

NACBC online site is for the sole purpose of providing Essential Industry Information, Products, and Program Services to our Clients, and Participants. NACBC reserves the right to modify our products, pricing, fees, and services for the principle of continual development, performance, and monitoring of competitive resources as deemed necessary.


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