How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

A commercial cleaning business involves task such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, vacuuming, the cleaning of offices and commercial building. Most commercial cleaning contract stipulate that you receive payment on a monthly or bi weekly basis after service is rendered.

Janitorial cleaning done in the day includes, window cleaning, dusting, refilling soap dispensers, wax removal, special jobs like window or wall washing, carpet shampooing, emptying garbage containers and vacuuming floors. At night, duties such as waxing and mopping are done. These are usually done after the business or office complex are closed.

If the jobs are small then one crew or one person could perform the task. A beginner in the commercial cleaning business can start with the usual household tools and regular cleaning supplies.

Starting Your First Commercial Cleaning Job

To find small commercial cleaning projects start marketing your small business and do the work yourself. Get familiarized with how long it takes to do a job, which cleaning technique is best and the amount of supplies that may be required. Read books and Listern to audio on starting a commercial cleaning business - get janitorial training.

When you are just starting your commercial cleaning business, it is not a bad idea to let the client know that you are still learning, that you intend to do a professional janitorial job, and that you are flexible with cost. It would be good to include your client in the commercial cleaning decision making.

On your first set of jobs, make observations and takes notes of time spent, equipment needed and supplies used. From your initial experience, create a checklist that you will used on future projects. This will provide data which you can rely on to place bids for commercial cleaning projects. You objective is to bid at a price low enough so that you can win the bid, but high enough so that you can make a decent profit. You way want to add an arbitrary 10 percent to you comfortable price to make allowance for unforeseen contingencies and liabilities.

Commercial Cleaning Supplies and Equipement Cost

You should pay attention to the cost of supplies and equipment needed. Locate wholesalers who sell inexpensive commercial cleaning project. Learn to buy in bulk in order to save. Look for bargains on cleaning equipment and supplies on Ebay and Craiglist and classifieds in your city. To increase the number of jobs consider working as a subcontractor doing business with bigger commercial cleaning companies.

Create a talking points for pursuading them to use your services. Pay attention to details as little discrepancies could prevent you from getting contracts.

Differentiate by Going Green

Consider go green. With the new wave of eco friendly demand, using eco friendly commercial cleaning products and eco friendly ways to perform janitorial services can make a difference. If you do utilize eco friendly methods, do use that in your marketing to point out the benefits and how your company differentiate from the competition. Keep a jaundice eye on your cash. Record every income.

Keep All Receipts for Your Commercial Cleaning Business

All expenditures, even payments for meals and gas receipts should be collected and hand over to your accountant. Keeping good records is not only important as a source of financial information to make sound business decision, but also good for IRS audits and as evidence in the event of liability situations. Speaking of liability, it is prudent that you seek advice from an attorney and insurance broker about your options.

As you can see, like many other small businesses, there are more than one thing to consider in running a profitable commercial cleaning business. With attention to details you can do just find with you commercial cleaning business.

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