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Learn how to "Start or Expand" a Janitorial Business. Are you locked down into a Janitorial Franchise? Are you limited in growing your OWN Janitorial business? NACBC is your Number ONE Source for STARTING OR EXPANDING YOUR OWN COMMERICAL CLEANING BUSINESS without the Franchise worries! To attend one of our upcoming workshops please call 1-813-812-3135 or "Register". Your registration includes a Free CD on HOW TO "START OR EXPAND" YOUR OWN JANITORIAL BUSINESS.

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Who We Are ?

Who is NACBC

The National Association of Certified Building Contractors (NACBC) is established to assist new and existing Janitorial Business owners with “Starting or Expanding” their Commercial Cleaning Businesses. Our Association consists of many components that are designed to provide individuals with the Essential and Professional Tools to become the most Qualified and Professional Commercial Cleaning Service for their clients. We offer a “Full Line of Services” which is comprised of our Service Packages, Certification, Contract Placement, and Training & Seminars programs, along with our Exclusive Products designed to help you promote your commercial cleaning business. We are very proud to say that we have helped people on a national scale to start and expand their janitorial business by providing training, essential industry knowledge, contracts, and many other support services. We are not a Franchise and there are no waiting lists to receive our program services.

What We Offer?

What does NACBC offer

We offer three Exclusive and Unique Programs to Help the New and Existing Business Owners through our Service Packages, Certification, and Contract Placement Programs along with a full line of Janitorial Industry Software Products. Our Exclusive services afford business owners to utilize the services of our National Association, which provides many opportunities to become certified and acquire Commercial Cleaning Contracts and receive Extensive Trainings through our Workshops and Seminars. Also, we are a Vendor for Clients to assist them with providing Quality and “Class A” Commercial Cleaning Services. This service is geared to provide certified Janitorial Companies to meet their needs.

Why We Certify?

Why does NACBC certify their members

NACBC prides itself on the ability to certify individuals through our Comprehensive and Extensive Training Programs which are designed to provide the Knowledge and Skills for performing any Commercial Cleaning task such as: Floor Care to Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Account Management, Bidding & Estimating, Bookkeeping & Accounting, Contract Development to Proposal Writing, and The Art of Bidding & Estimating to Make a Profit, which
is only a few subjects in our certification program. Your Certification assures the Client that your company has acquired the Qualifying Skills and Credentials needed to perform Professional “Class A” Commercial Cleaning Services.